Расписание и список тем к разговорным и грамматическим клубам



(Elementary–Pre-Intermediate levels)

Time: 12.00-13.20


(Intermediate– Advanced levels)

Time: 13.30-14.50

1 01.02.14 Family and Friends. All Present Tenses.
2 08.02.14 Prepositions of Time, Place, Movement. The Verb to Be. Men and women. Marriage.
3 15.02.14 Hobbies and Interests. All Past Tenses.
4 22.02.14  Word Order.Question Formation. Present Simple. Working Life. CV. Job Interviews.
5 01.03.14  Jobs. Job Interviews. CV. Experiences. All Future Tenses.
6 15.03.14  Present Simple vs Present Continuous. Socializing and Networking.
7 22.03.14  Home. Modal verbs.
8 29.03.14  Past Continuous vs Past Simple. Going Shopping. Eating Habits.
9 05.04.14  Food. Restaurants and Meals. Conditionals.
10 12.04.14 Present Perfect vs Past Simple. Travelling. Business Trips.
11 19.04.14 Shopping. Passive Voice.
12 26.04.14 Modal verbs (present and past). Conditionals. News and Events.
13 17.05.14 Getting there. Places to stay. Reported Speech.
14 24.05.14 Passive Voice: Present and Past. Business. Contracts. My Company.
15 31.05.14 Business. Money. Phone. Gerunds and Infinitives.

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