Welcome to our Language School “Effect”!

Here you can study Ukrainian as a foreign language or Russian as a foreign language at different levels (from Starter to Advanced). For your choice we offer four programmes:
   -  General Ukrainian (spoken and written);
   -  General Russian (spoken and written);
   -  Ukrainian for Business;
   -  Russian for Business.

An individual course of each level (“General Ukrainian”, “General Russian”) consists of 24 lessons, 60 minutes in duration. The cost of one course is 4800 UAH (200 UAH – for a lesson).

An individual course of each level (“Ukrainian for Business”, “Russian for Business”) consists of 20 lessons, 60 minutes in duration. The cost of one course is 5000 UAH (250 UAH – for a lesson).

A course of corporate training for your company consists of 32 lessons, 60 minutes in duration (300 UAH – for a lesson).

Our teachers are highly qualified with large experience in teaching at the best Ukrainian and Russian universities. We are specialists in Philology and constantly develop our professional skills through taking part in different seminars. At our lessons we use a person-oriented communicative approach which gives you a perfect opportunity to study Russian or Ukrainian in short terms. Our teachers are creative, energetic, enthusiastic, and with love of teaching.

To subscribe for a course you need to:
1.    Choose the most suitable programme for you.
2.    Call us to make an appointment.
3.    Meet your teacher.
4.    Do an oral and written test to clarify your language level.
5.    Pay for the course.

To register for the test call us:
(044) 228-59-12
(044) 599-69-08

(096) 448-48-65

(095) 857-34-34

(097) 125-75-30

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