Global English Test

Вы выбрали тест на уровень английского языка. Для того, чтобы пройти тест, Вам нужно ответить на 40 вопросов. На каждый вопрос есть только один вариант ответа. За каждый правильный ответ вы получаете 1 балл. Максимальное количество баллов, которое можно получить, - 40. На прохождение теста дается 30 минут... Желаем удачи!

(прежде, чем пройти тест, убедитесь в том, что у Вас включена русскоязычная версия сайта)

Тест прошли 9945 раз

1. What’s the weather like… Ukraine at the moment ?

2. It’s my birthday… Friday, so we’re spending the weekend in London.

3. We usually go away somewhere on holiday… New Year.

4. My mum… the bus to work every morning, but my dad drives.

5. Public… in this city is quite good, and it’s not expensive.

6. Bob… a lot of money in his brother’s business and made a profit.

7. I gave the waiter a € 50 note and waited for my… .

8. I don’t have… money, so I’ll have to wait to get a new coat.

9. That’s not your calculator. It’s… .

10. Einstein is the person… showed that time can speed up and slow down.

11. This is the laboratory… we do all the experiments.

12. Do you think I could have… water, please?

13. At my last basketball club, we… every Saturday for three hours.

14. I broke my leg when Tony and I… for the school sports day.

15. Denise… at the stadium until she finds a better job.

16. Lizzie has been having dance classes… she was four years old.

17. Do you think Curtis… the car race tomorrow?

18. I couldn’t… the programme so I turned the TV up.

19. My brother… write when he was just three years old.

20. I sent the letter yesterday, so it… get there tomorrow.

21. Do you… to pay to send the package back?

22. I read about the accident… the Internet.

23. … that crossword for over an hour and you still haven’t finished it!

24. The exam… when Jimmy finally found the right room.

25. It’s the first time… all the answers right in a test!

26. Let’s go for a swim as soon as we… the hotel.

27. There’s a train coming. Don’t stand at the edge of the… .

28. I… a lot of money on my credit cards and I don’t know if I can pay it back.

29. My bike…! Call the police!

30. I’m tired because I… since eight this morning.

31. Is that Paul? He must… from Australia.

32. Could you tell us…?

33. What we eat… how much energy we have during the day.

34. Jeanne, … us that joke about the guy who knocks on the door.

35. Carol asked if that film… .

36. We were made… up all the mess we’d made.

37. The food was great, … it was very expensive.

38. I’m really looking forward… you next week.

39. I want… me what’s wrong, but she won’t.

40. He denied… the money, but no one believed him.